Colorado County Trust Litigation

Financial matters, such as estate planning and trust administration, involve complex processes that require careful handling. Unfortunately, many disputes can arise during these procedures—and in some cases, you may need to bring an estate or trust dispute to Colorado County probate court.

In these situations, the Texas estate and trust litigation attorneys at Marrs Ellis & Hodge LLP can help. Our lawyers have helped dozens of clients navigate the complex probate and trust litigation processes, and we will fight aggressively to secure the best possible outcome on your behalf.

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  • Our attorneys have extensive courtroom experience and have represented all types of clients, from private individuals to Fortune 500 companies.
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Common Probate Disputes in Colorado County

When a person passes away, his or her property will be distributed in a process known as probating the estate. In addition to the distribution of assets, his or her personal representative will also need to settle his or her final debts. In many cases, a will dictates how a deceased person’s property will be divided.

However, many disputes can arise during the probate process, including the following

  • Contests over the validity of the will
  • Personal representative appointments
  • Surviving spouse election and family allowance
  • Will distribution claims
  • Executor misconduct
  • Executor fee claims

If you encounter a dispute while probating a loved one’s estate, you could file a claim in Colorado County probate court. In these situations, you will need an attorney to represent your side of the story and present a compelling case to the court.

At Marrs Ellis & Hodge LLP, our attorneys will examine your claim and determine if you have a valid reason to raise a probate dispute. We will then conduct an in-depth review of your case and handle all aspects of your claim on your behalf.

Trust Litigation Matters in Texas

A trust is a financial relationship between three parties: a settlor, a trustee, and a beneficiary. A person may establish a trust to help with estate planning, set aside funds for a loved one, and ensure the safekeeping of his or her assets. However, many disputes can occur between these three parties, including the following.

  • Trustee misconduct
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Modifying or terminating the trust
  • Forcing distributions from the trust
  • Removing or replacing a trustee
  • A trust agreement that does not comply with Texas laws
  • A trust agreement with unclear, contradictory, or confusing language
  • Disagreements regarding the terms or administration of the trust

Like probate disputes, you can file a trust lawsuit to resolve these complex matters. Many of these cases settle during mediation, helping avoid a costly and lengthy trial. However, there are certain situations where it would be in your best interest to escalate your case to the courtroom. The attorneys at Marrs Ellis & Hodge LLP will examine the situation and determine your optimal path toward the best possible outcome.

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