Luke Ellis Featured in Top 50 Super Lawyers of Central/West Texas

Posted in Eminent Domain on May 19, 2022

Luke Ellis was featured in the 2021 Edition of Super Lawyers as one of the Top 50 Super Lawyers in Central/West Texas. Luke’s practice focuses on representing Texas property owners facing eminent domain and other condemnation proceedings

When Should I Update My Will?

Posted in Will Contest on April 29, 2022

Everyone should have a will on file. This critical document outlines the steps that you would like to have taken following your death, including the distribution of your property. Although they can be difficult to discuss, these decisions are important. In many cases, the terms of your will change over time. It is important to… read more

Grounds for Contesting a Will

Posted in Will Contest on April 29, 2022

A person’s last will and testament is one of the most important documents that he or she could create. The will outlines the deceased’s final wishes for the disposal of his or her property and assets. When someone dies, an executor will carry out the terms of the will as it is written. There are… read more

Texas Eminent Domain Vs. Condemnation

Posted in Condemnation,Eminent Domain on April 4, 2022

Texas is a state that has lots of open land and natural resources. As a result, many property owners across the state receive notice from the government that it intends to claim their land, citing the rule of eminent domain. If you are facing eminent domain proceedings, it is important to be aware of what… read more

How to Resolve High-Stakes Property Disputes

Posted in Condemnation,Eminent Domain on April 4, 2022

If you own property in Texas, you will likely encounter a conflict with a neighbor, private business, or even a government agency. From boundary line disagreements to land ownership disputes, these situations can be stressful and affect your daily life. In cases where you encounter a high-stakes property dispute, it is important to stay calm… read more

Misconceptions About Probates and Trusts

Posted in Probate & Estates on January 31, 2022

If you are involved in the establishment of a trust or a will, you may hold some assumptions about the way they work. The probate and trust processes in Texas can be highly complex. As a result, many myths and misconceptions have appeared around wills and trusts. These misconceptions can make it difficult for beneficiaries,… read more

Estate Planning Basics

Posted in Probate & Estates on January 31, 2022

Estate planning is a critical activity that every person should engage in. This process involves identifying your assets and detailing how you want your property to be handled after you pass away or if you are suddenly incapacitated. Without a proper estate plan in place, the handling of property can become complex and stressful for… read more

Justin Hodge, Kyle Baum, and Kyle Hlavinka Speak at Brazoria County Bar Association

Posted in Brazoria County,Condemnation,Eminent Domain,Infrastructure Projects,Pipeline,Power line,TxDOT,Uncategorized on January 20, 2022

Justin Hodge, Kyle Baum, and Kyle Hlavinka presented on eminent domain at the January 2022 Brazoria County Bar Association luncheon. Brazoria County is one of the fastest growing Counties in the Texas and continues to experience a significant volume of condemnation and eminent domain-cases. You can watch the entire CLE presentation here. Special thanks to… read more

Justin Hodge Quoted in Law360

Posted in Condemnation,Eminent Domain,Houston eminent domain,Infrastructure Projects,Texas Central Railroad,TxDOT on January 4, 2022

Emma Whitford, with Law360, wrote a terrific article related to Texas eminent domain entitled “3 Real Estate Cases to Watch in 2022.” As part of the 3 real estate cases to watch in 2022, she includes Texas Central Railroad & Infrastructure Inc. et al. v. James Fredrick Miles. Here is the article: The Texas… read more

Joe Marrs Featured in Best Lawyers: Busting a Trust

Posted in News on September 22, 2021