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The passing of a loved one can be a very painful and challenging experience. You and your family will need to make funeral arrangements, cope with the grief of losing the deceased and determine how to carry out the terms of his or her will. During this time, painful and bitter disputes may arise about your loved one’s will, and you may find yourself wanting to fight its terms.

If you want to file a will contest claim in Comal County, you need an attorney on your side. The Comal County will contest attorneys at Marrs Ellis & Hodge, LLP can represent you throughout your claim and fight diligently for your best possible outcome.

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  • Our firm has extensive experience representing clients in will contests throughout the state of Texas, including Comal County. We have the skills and knowledge you need to navigate your claim.
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 Understanding Legal Will Requirements in Texas

A will is a document that outlines how a person wants his or her property to be disposed in the event of his or her death. To be legally valid, the person creating the will, known as the testator, must be at least 18, married, or a military member. He or she must also meet the various requirements for legal will in Texas, such testamentary intent to create a will.

One of the most important requirements for a legal will in Texas is testamentary capacity, which refers to the testator’s sound mind and memory. A person has testamentary capacity if he or she understands that he or she is creating a will, the effect of the will, and the nature and extent of his or her property and relationships. The testator must be able to use those elements to form an appropriate plan for the disposition of his or her assets.

Additionally, a will must not be created under the undue influence of another party. This means that another person cannot force or pressure a testator to change the terms of a will for the other party’s benefit.

How to File a Will Contest in Comal County

If you believe that a loved one’s will was created under undue influence, without testamentary capacity or intent, or under any other circumstances that would render the will invalid, you may have grounds for a will contest claim. Through a will contest lawsuit in probate court, you can ask a judge to reassess your loved one’s will and resolve your dispute.

To file a will contest in Comal County probate court, you must have standing, or a legal interest in the estate. You will need to prove to the court that you will be harmed if the terms of the will are accepted as they are. Once you prove standing, you and your attorney can proceed with your will contest claim.

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