Houston Trust & Estate Litigation

Handling a deceased person’s final affairs can be difficult for families, beneficiaries, and fiduciaries alike. Disputes often arise during trust or estate administration, especially when the decedent held a large amount of money or when family conflict is already present. If you encounter conflict while trying to administer the terms of a will, a Texas trust and estate litigation attorney can help.

At Marrs Ellis & Hodge LLP, our lawyers represent clients in disputes involving will contests, trusts, guardianships, and estates. Our attorneys have significant experience representing a range of clients, from individual beneficiaries to large financial institutions. Marrs Ellis & Hodge LLP has the skills and experience necessary to represent your interests in trust and estate litigation.

Common Estate Administration Disputes

After a person passes away, his or her belongings, properties, and other assets and liabilities will be subject to division. This process is known as probate, or the payment of debts and division of assets on behalf of a deceased individual.

The decedent will either have left behind a will with instructions on how to divide his or her estate, or the probate court will divide his or her estate based on Texas intestacy laws. Multiple disputes can arise during the estate administration process, including the following.

  • Will contests
  • Beneficiary and heir disputes
  • Executor misconduct
  • Personal representative appointments
  • Estate accounting
  • Retirement claims
  • Life insurance claims
  • Will distribution issues

Common Trust Administration Disputes

In some cases, the deceased person may have a trust, or an agreement that a third-party entity will handle certain assets on his or her behalf. Trusts involve three parties: a settlor who created the trust; beneficiaries who will receive funds from the trust; and a trustee, a legal entity with a fiduciary responsibility to oversee the trust.

Many issues can arise during trust administration, including the following.

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Trust agreements that do not comply with Texas laws
  • Disagreements regarding the terms of the trust
  • Disputes involving trust administration or distribution
  • Trustee misconduct and removal
  • The need to terminate or modify the trust
  • Trusts created under undue influence or coercion

Why You Need a Houston Trust and Estate Attorney

Wills and trusts can be complex documents that contain provisions, phrases, and instructions that you may not understand. These documents are also subject to certain requirements under Texas will and trust laws, and you may not be able to identify certain issues on your own. If you are facing any type of estate or trust dispute, you need an attorney on your side.

The Houston trust and estate litigation lawyers at Marrs Ellis & Hodge LLP have the skills and experience necessary to represent your claim. Your lawyer can explain the probate process, examine all relevant documents, and determine if you have grounds for a claim. He or she can also advise you on your rights and represent you in probate proceedings.

Contact a Houston Trust and Estate Litigation Attorney

If you are grappling with a trust or estate dispute in Houston, the attorneys at Marrs Ellis & Hodge LLP can help. We have represented clients in high-profile, complex disputes involving trusts, will contests, estates, and guardianships. Our attorneys have years of experience and have appeared in probate courts throughout the state of Texas.

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