Luke Ellis Speaks to Hood County Bar Association About Pipeline Easement Takings And Private Property Rights

May 26, 2014 | Condemnation, Eminent Domain, News

Luke Ellis was invited to speak at the Hood County Bar Association in Granbury on May 23, 2014 in response to several planned pipeline projects in the area.  He discussed the for-profit oil and gas industry and its power to condemn private land.  Luke discussed the different valuation methodologies associated with pipeline easement takings, including pipeline corridors.  Luke also discussed the pipeline industry’s practice of discussing payment for easements in terms of linear feet or rods.  He compared that to the appropriate legal standard under Texas law.  The Texas Constitution (Art. 1, Section 17) allows landowners to recover for the reduction in value to the entire property caused by the pipeline easement.  Luke concluded by explaining the basic condemnation process, which includes an administrative phase prior to the litigation phase. Please contact Brenda or Bayly for a copy of Luke’s presentation (512.215.4078).