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What Is Eminent Domain in Texas?

Posted in Eminent Domain on August 17, 2020

Texas is a state rich in natural resources and vast expanses of land. The legal concept of eminent domain is particularly important for Texas landowners, since this right allows the government to seize private land for public use. Today, more and more government agencies and private companies are seeking to seize property—and understanding eminent domain… read more

DART “Silver Line” May Damage Businesses in Dallas – Fox News 4 Features Justin Hodge

Posted in Condemnation,Eminent Domain,News on September 28, 2019

Dallas Fox 4 discusses the impact of the DART “Silver Line” on business owners and interviews Marrs Ellis & Hodge, LLP partner, Justin Hodge, regarding property rights reform. https://www.fox4news.com/news/business-owner-worries-dart-silver-line-construction-will-hurt-bottom-line

Texas Lawyers Publishes Eminent Domain Article Written by Marrs Ellis & Hodge Attorneys

Posted in Eminent Domain,News on June 26, 2019

Texas Eminent Domain Reform Senate Bill 421 was shot down in the Texas Legislature. By Justin Hodge, John Appel and Luke Ellis “Texas is experiencing a rapid surge in economic activity, population growth, and infrastructure needs. That growth has meant new oil and gas pipelines, large-diameter water pipelines, roads, railways, and high-voltage-power lines all across… read more

Texas Public Radio Interviews Luke Ellis Regarding Pipeline Acquisitions

Posted in Eminent Domain,News,Pipeline on January 28, 2019

Central Texas Pipeline Reignites Fight Over Land Rights By MOSE BUCHELE, KUT NEWS & MOSE BUCHELE, KUT NEWS … “”A fight over a pipeline is never only about the pipeline. It’s about the environment, property rights, public safety and a community’s sense of itself. Just such a fight is now brewing in the Texas Hill Country, where company… read more

Justin Hodge Quoted by Houston Chronicle Regarding Acceleration in Oil and Gas Pipeline Projects.

Posted in Eminent Domain,News,Pipeline on January 8, 2019

Imminent domain cases to focus on pipelines By James Osborne West Texas is facing a boom these days, and oil and gas producers need newly constructed pipelines to move their newly found supplies to Houston and other cities to be refined. Look for plenty of imminent domain claims next year as oil and gas producers… read more

Luke Ellis Quoted in AP National Story

Posted in Eminent Domain,News on January 8, 2019

Luke Ellis quoted by AP, U.S. News & World Report regarding landowners potentially affected by Kinder Morgan’s proposed pipeline. Texas Landowners Fight Kinder Morgan’s $2B Pipeline Proposal Texas News – US News  

Marrs Ellis & Hodge Wins Jury Verdict in Bell County

Posted in Eminent Domain,News on November 12, 2018

Marrs, Ellis & Hodge wins jury verdict in the case of State of Texas v. Skyway Holdings LLC in Bell County, TX. The dispute involved the condemnation of W. H. and Sandra Anderson’s property for the IH-35 expansion project. The MEH trial team was Justin Hodge, Kyle Baum, Graham Taylor, and Dana Randolph. The State argued… read more

Justin Hodge Addresses Flood Victims Regarding Inverse Condemnation Claims

Posted in Condemnation,Eminent Domain,News on September 18, 2017

  Hurricane Harvey Flooding – Q&A on Inverse Condemnation Against Federal Government with Mark Lanier, the Lanier Law Firm, and Justin Hodge, Johns Marrs Ellis & Hodge LLP.

Luke Ellis interviewed on Fox News: Border wall faces legal battles over eminent domain in Texas

Posted in Border Fence,Border Fence,Border Wall,Border Wall,Condemnation,Eminent Domain,Infrastructure Projects,News on April 5, 2017

 Luke Ellis interviewed on Fox News regarding condemnation of Texas property for border wall.  You can watch the whole interview “Click HERE to play.”

Houston Chronicle Interviews JMEH Partner Justin Hodge About Eminent Domain

Posted in Condemnation,Eminent Domain,Events,Harris County eminent domain,Harris County eminent domain,Houston eminent domain,Houston eminent domain,Infrastructure Projects,News,Pipeline,Power line,TxDOT on February 20, 2017

JMEH Partner Justin Hodge interviewed with reporter L.M. Sixel of the Houston Chronicle for a Q&A session on Texas Eminent Domain. He answered legal questions concerning TxDOT, pipeline, and powerline eminent domain cases. He also discussed the landowner protections contained in the law, and explained when it is necessary to hire a condemnation or eminent… read more