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What Are My Rights in an Eminent Domain Case in Texas?

Posted in Probate & Estates on August 9, 2022

Eminent domain refers to the government’s right to take land for public use. If you are a property owner in Texas, you may be contacted by an agency and offered a settlement in exchange for your land. The condemnation process can be very stressful for Texas landowners. It is important to understand your rights during… read more

How to Find a Resolution in a Will Contest

Posted in Probate & Estates on June 5, 2022

The last will and testament is one of the most important documents a person could create. A will outlines how your estate is handled following your death, ensuring that the right people receive the right assets. However, not all wills are legally valid. If you believe that a loved one’s will is invalid, you could… read more

Misconceptions About Probates and Trusts

Posted in Probate & Estates on January 31, 2022

If you are involved in the establishment of a trust or a will, you may hold some assumptions about the way they work. The probate and trust processes in Texas can be highly complex. As a result, many myths and misconceptions have appeared around wills and trusts. These misconceptions can make it difficult for beneficiaries,… read more

Estate Planning Basics

Posted in Probate & Estates on January 31, 2022

Estate planning is a critical activity that every person should engage in. This process involves identifying your assets and detailing how you want your property to be handled after you pass away or if you are suddenly incapacitated. Without a proper estate plan in place, the handling of property can become complex and stressful for… read more

How to Choose the Right Executor

Posted in Probate & Estates on August 24, 2020

An executor is a person who has the legal responsibility to take care of any financial obligations you owe following your death. You want to ensure someone handles your outstanding bills and divides your assets according to your wishes, and choosing the right executor is crucial to protecting your best interests. While you can choose… read more

Thirteenth Court of Appeals Affirms Claim of Austin Seminary, Represented by Marrs Ellis & Hodge Attorneys

Posted in News,Probate & Estates on June 14, 2019

Court of Appeals affirms Seminary’s claim under J.B. Wells’s last will to arena and park property. 13-18-00161-CV Court of Appeals Thirteenth District of Texas In Re Estate of JB Wells Jr., Deceased  

Joe Marrs Quoted in ABA Journal Regarding Rise in Estate Litigation

Posted in News,Probate & Estates on April 5, 2019

As America’s population ages, demand for elder law attorneys grows By MARC DAVIS … Joseph Marrs, an attorney based in Houston who focuses his practice in estate and trust litigation, has noted an increase in his practice of elder law-related cases. “Elder law entails a broad spectrum of services,” Marrs says. “Tax law, for example, which… read more

Marrs Ellis & Hodge LLP Wins Dismissal of Will Contest and Award of Attorneys’ Fees to Client.

Posted in News,Probate & Estates on November 12, 2018

Marrs Ellis & Hodge attorneys Joe Marrs and Ashley Croswell defended the beneficiaries of a will against claims that the beneficiaries had forfeited their benefits under a will. The contestant alleged that the beneficiaries did not follow the decedent’s wishes regarding the care of her cats. The Court ruled the claims baseless and awarded attorneys’… read more

Joe Marrs speaks to State Bar of Texas Fiduciary Litigation CLE

Posted in Probate & Estates on June 27, 2018

Joe Marrs spoke to a statewide audience of attorneys and trust officers about trustee and investment advisor liability issues at the State Bar of Texas’s annual Fiduciary Litigation CLE in San Antonio, Texas. His paper,  “What the New ‘Fiduciary Rule’ Means for Trustees and Investment Advisors,” dealt with the changing landscape of fiduciary standards in the… read more

Joe Marrs Speaks at Texas Bar Seminar on Damages in Civil Litigation

Posted in Probate & Estates on February 20, 2017

On February 16-17, the Texas State Bar sponsored a two-day seminary entitled “9th Annual Damages in Civil Litigation,” presented live in Houston and by video conference in Dallas. Joe Marrs, a partner with JMEH, was invited to speak on “Remedies for Mismanagement of Trust Assets” the morning of the first day of the seminar. In… read more