Month: April 2022

When Should I Update My Will?

Everyone should have a will on file. This critical document outlines the steps that you would like to have taken following your death, including the distribution of your property. Although they can be difficult to discuss, these decisions are important. In many cases,...

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Grounds for Contesting a Will

A person’s last will and testament is one of the most important documents that he or she could create. The will outlines the deceased’s final wishes for the disposal of his or her property and assets. When someone dies, an executor will carry out the terms of the will...

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Texas Eminent Domain Vs. Condemnation

Texas is a state that has lots of open land and natural resources. As a result, many property owners across the state receive notice from the government that it intends to claim their land, citing the rule of eminent domain. If you are facing eminent domain...

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How to Resolve High-Stakes Property Disputes

If you own property in Texas, you will likely encounter a conflict with a neighbor, private business, or even a government agency. From boundary line disagreements to land ownership disputes, these situations can be stressful and affect your daily life. In cases where...

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