Justin Hodge Quoted by Houston Chronicle Regarding Acceleration in Oil and Gas Pipeline Projects.

Jan 8, 2019 | Eminent Domain, News, Pipeline

Imminent domain cases to focus on pipelines

By James Osborne

West Texas is facing a boom these days, and oil and gas producers need newly constructed pipelines to move their newly found supplies to Houston and other cities to be refined.

Look for plenty of imminent domain claims next year as oil and gas producers use the condemnation process to get the land they want to build hundreds of miles of pipelines across the state, said Houston eminent domain lawyer Justin Hodge. The shift to oil and gas pipelines is only accelerating as more energy producers announce big drilling projects and pipeline plans.

In years past, most eminent domain claims were for transmission lines to move wind power from West Texas to Houston, Dallas, and other population centers.


“It’s all oil and gas pipelines,” he said.